[How to cut pine eggs]_ How to cut _ How to cut

[How to cut pine eggs]_ How to cut _ How to cut

The method of Songhua egg is not only very simple, but also its nutritional value is very high, so many people like to eat Songhua egg very much, but when cutting Songhua egg, people may encounter a problem, which is to use a knife toCut loose eggs, the yolk may stick to the knife and it is difficult to clean.

In fact, there are some secrets to cutting Songhua eggs. They can make Songhua eggs look very beautiful. How do you cut Songhua eggs?

Let’s learn the specific method.

Songhua egg is not only delicious, but also has certain medicinal value.

In Wang Shixiong’s “Dietary Living Foods”, “Preserved eggs, Weixin, astringent, sweet, salty, can relieve heat, sober up, go to the large intestine, cure diarrhea, and disperse energy.

“Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the preserved eggs are cold and can cure diseases such as eye pain, toothache, high blood pressure, tinnitus and dizziness.

There are so many benefits, but the preserved eggs are too easy to stick to the knife, and they are also easy to break. How can the super-pretty preserved egg flaps on the Internet be cut out?

Hot knife cutting method: first prepare a small knife to cut the egg with hot water, then insert the middle of the egg and cut it into two halves. It can also cut neatly and beautifully.

One-boiled and two-bubble method: Put Songhua egg in water and cook it, and soak in cold water to cool.

This will allow the yellow of the Songhua egg to solidify and cut without sticking to the knife.

Dip in vinegar: Use a dipped vinegar to prepare a small knife to cut the egg, then flip the midline of the egg and cut it in half.

When you feel almost sticky, dipped some vinegar and continue cutting.

Silk thread egg cutting method: You can use the sewing thread, hold the thread separately in both hands, press the middle line alternately to press down to split the egg into two halves; or tie one end of the thread to a place that can be fixed and the other end around the egg, And then pull forward, you can cut out beautiful and flat eggs.

Why there are pine flowers on the preserved eggs: The amber protein of the preserved eggs has crystals of pine flowers, which are crystals formed naturally after the protein is broken down into amino acids.

The protein is decomposed and regenerated to produce gelatinization, and the yolk becomes a dark green elastic solid and a gel-like paste like a sweetheart egg.

Remove the unique taste of the preserved eggs: Put the preserved eggs in the boiling water for 7-8 minutes or steam them in the electric pot for 5 minutes to make the taste lighter, and the eggs are more convenient to cut after the heart is cooked.

Or add garlic, nine-story tower and other strong smelling ingredients, or sweet and sour, hot and sour sauce and boiled together, can also remove the flavor of preserved eggs.

Peel the beautiful preserved eggs: After the preserved eggs are cooked, while the eggs are still hot, tap the two or three times to make cracks on the surface of the preserved eggs, and then immediately put them in ice water to chill.The surface is smooth and clear and full of elasticity.